CSL provides some of the world’s most innovative solutions for animal health companies. The animal health industry is very different to human health, and thus requires tailored solutions to meet its needs. CSL has developed many unique solutions customised for the needs of Animal Health customers.

Globally, 2 of the top 3 Animal Health companies use CSL to meet their analyticsincentives and coaching/quality needs.

Specific animal health industry challenges

  • Formulating plans that motivate sales people, veterinarians and business managers
  • Helping vet’s with their direct marketing campaigns to drive vaccination rates
  • Incentivising new and traditional channel sales
  • Using novel pipelines and initiatives to build the sales pipeline
  • Delivering analytical based insights directly to your customers
  • Matching and merging disparate datasets into a common platform
  • Species specific customisation, adaptable to outbreak, disease and regulatory influence

How can CSL solve these for you?

  • KPI Dashboard, enables your sales teams to monitor performance across their customer base. Customer specific initiatives can easily be tracked over time to ensure you get the expected ROI
  • eCoach is a tried and tested field force coaching tool. It’s flexibility allows true enterprise deployment to support your coaching culture and employee performance tracking.
  • With Incentives Manager Plus you can design SIP plans that encompass both the differences that species throw into the mix as well as the many different roles you have out there selling for you. Traditional sales people, Vets, Commercial managers over many channels and species.
  • Organising your data in a data warehouse is essential if you want to be able to generate the data driven insights required to help your business grow.

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