Banking regulations are an all-pervading part of doing business, and you can’t afford to be out of compliance. CSL has a number of innovative, proven solutions for Compliance detection and reporting, but we go further offering a complete audit trail and coaching for the individuals so the same mistake doesn’t get made twice.


All successful enterprises involve risk, and quantifying and minimising risk enables bold, financially successful decisions to be made.


The quality of your banking associates’ customer engagement is directly related to your customer acquisition and retention. Now more than ever, you need to make sure that all of your associates are not only courteous and professional, but that they also comply with corporate and industry rules and guidelines.

Process Excellence

Imagine if you could define which processes work and which ones need improving from objective and accurate data, not anecdotal evidence? CSL solutions make this a reality with smart sampling and smart scorecards giving you total confidence in your processes and continuous improvement programs

CSL ORDIT, eCoach and KPI DASHBOARD are proven to serve your entire range of banking compliance and quality assurance needs, so you can rest assured that your associates are representing your company in the best way possible. Through eCoach, customer service managers in the banking world are ideally equipped to monitor compliance and improve quality assurance. Our software integrates seamlessly with your banking systems of record, minimising implementation overheads. eCoach can also be used as a plug-in to your current call monitoring software, obviating the need to switch solutions to perform this capability upgrade.

Built-in dashboard and in depth analytics complete this elegant, enterprise scale, cloud ready solution.

Security and IT

A variety of hosting and deployment solutions are available, ranging from in- house, DMZ, dedicated and cloud hosting. Offline and on-line (browser based) solutions are available. Desktop and iPad® are supported.

All hosted solutions comply with industry standard encryption and security protocols.

Specific Industry Challenges

Maintaining compliance with ALL bank regulations.
Audit to source / specific event of problem.
Rapid remediation of problems.
Improving processes.
Maintaining SLA’s when problems arise.
Timely reporting of critical compliance metrics to external agencies.
How can CSL Software Assist?

CSL ORDIT enables measurement and quantification of how robust your processes are, identify both flaws and providing the “why” so you fix things quickly.
CSL eCoach enables rapid and effective employee coaching to ensure that problems are not only solved, but that the coaching intervention is effective in ensuring improved employee performance.
CSL KPI DASHBOARD gives an unrivalled view of critical information, from the CEO view to the sales rep view, to the ability to drill in and find the “why”.