Healthcare is where our business started: CSL has over 20 years’ experience serving the Pharma, devices and Biotech industries with smart data and information solutions, always staying at the leading edge. This experience naturally positions CSL as thought leaders, so we can take your vision and make it a reality by combining our expertise with the latest available technologies.

Whatever the data, from digital marketing, patient level (big) data, social media to more traditional Rx and sales engagement, CSL has the connectors to bring this in and create a fully joined-up, integrated system.  We work closely with the CRM vendors, list providers, and data providers to help our clients utilise all of these data.

CSL is a leader in salesforce coaching with eCoach leading the way in coaching support.  But now it does so much more.

Our business is founded on real world pharma experience from director level right through the organisation.

Specific healthcare industry challenges

  • Utilising specific NHS datasets to improve engagement and patient outcomes
  • Getting more out of the same (or reduced) size field force
  • Ensuring compliance in selling
  • Presenting a credible story to highly educated professionals
  • Segmentation and targeting to ensure the right customers are seen with the right message
  • Effort allocation and deployment
  • Data integration and dashboards for Mobile people
  • Incentive plans that motivate the right behaviours
  • Dealing with the increasing volumes of NHS data that are available, in particular the NHS practice prescribing data

How can CSL solve these for you?

  • Esprit enables you to analyse real world datasets and generate insights that can be used to engage with your customers and improve patient outcomes .
  • KPI Dashboard, does exactly what it says on the tin! An easy to use, attractive solution for all the metrics that matter. When you want to drill down , the detail is just a click or two away.
  • eCoach is a tried and tested field force coaching tool. It’s flexibility allows true enterprise deployment to support your coaching culture and employee performance tracking.
  • Rx Alert enables you to quickly see the key insights within the NHS primary care prescribing data.

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