Covid Impact Benchmark Tracker 

Helping the NHS understand the impact of Covid-19

With NHS resources having been largely focused on the pandemic, all of us involved in the healthcare industry are aware of a large reduction in patients presenting to hospital with non-covid related illnesses since the Spring of 2020.  

To help address this issue CSL has worked, in partnership with our NHS Advisory Board, to develop some simple dashboards to help the NHS understand the impact of the pandemic on their organisation, and to inform plans for a post-covid recovery.  

The Covid Impact Benchmark Tracker has been developed using NHS Digital’s Hospital Episodes Statistics data from England, and compares inpatient admissions by Trust, CCG and Diagnosis before and after the pandemic. 

Freely available to NHS organisations, our aim is to help Hospital Trusts and CCGs: 
•    Understand how they have been affected compared to other organisations
•    Evaluate the disease areas most impacted
•    Identify opportunities to work with neighbouring organisations to address patient backlogs
•    CCG’s are also able to see the GP practices most affected within their area

An NHS email address is required to sign up to the service, to ensure that access to the data are limited to the NHS as intended.  The site does not contain any Personal Data of patients or doctors. 

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If you have any suggestions for additional data you would find useful within the tracker, please contact us at, and we will do our best to incorporate your ideas (subject to the permitted usage terms of our data sharing agreement with NHS Digital). 

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