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We understand that in order for your sales teams to be truly effective, they need to develop their business planning and customer targeting skills. Yet those sales people prefer to be out in the field, selling – not hunched over a keyboard crunching numbers.  

CSL Dashboard is a cost effective solution to this conundrum. It’s a data analytics dashboard that breaks down information fast, presenting it with complete clarity using graphic-rich displays. Easy-to-use with a vibrant and uncluttered format, its capabilities can help steer your sales teams towards new levels of success.

Key features of CSL Dashboard include:

  • Ability to work offline or online on a laptop or tablet
  • Alerting functionality for real-time insights
  • Fully interactive and bespoke configuration if required
  • Ability to track usage and effectiveness over time

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To truly understand the capabilities of CSL Dashboard, why not try a free demo? Our trial gives you the opportunity to explore the software and discover how it can turn disparate data sources into valuable insights.

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