CSL have spent the past 3 decades building up their business intelligence expertise.

We have a variety of experts within our business ready to help you with any of your BI challenges.

Some of our key areas of expertise are listed below:-

Real world data – NHS Analytics & NHS Data

Improve your understanding of the NHS environment and improve the treatments received by patients using real world data sets such as Hospital episode statistics (HES), GP prescribing, QOF, Real World Data analytics and patient outcomes.

real world dataWe operate in interesting times, the data world is opening up and we now have access to a number of essential real world healthcare datasets. CSL have developed specialist software and data manipulation techniques to enable datasets such as HES (Hospital episode statistics) to be utilised to understand the patient journeys into and through the healthcare system. Our aim is to provide the NHS data and tools (NHS Analytics) that can be used to improve patient outcomes and or reduce treatment costs.


Data warehousing

CSL can design and build you the data warehouse or data warehousing solution to meet your current requirements and allow for the flexible expansion of your big data in the future.

Over the years we have created a number of multi-country solutions and have experience with very large databases and database technology. We also recognise that big projects often grow out of small ones so don’t hesitate to contact us even if the need is relatively small, as we are sure we can help – even if you just want to pick our brains.


Business Intelligence

Whether it’s fully outsourced Business intelligence solutions or a little bit of specialist resource that you need, CSL are here to help.

Looking to outsource your whole Business intelligence (Warehousing, analytics, data, etc.) function, or just want a bit of flexible resource to deal with the tidal wave of business requests?  Either way CSL can help.


Targeting and segmentation

Now more than ever it is essential your sales teams get in front of the right customers, at the right time, with the right message.  Our targeting and segmentation methodology will complement your marketing strategy and help drive growth



CSL can help you motivate and reward your sales teams to ensure you get the best results possible.

Have you ever wondered how your sales targets & incentive scheme compare to that of other companies in your industry. Chances are there will be elements of your scheme that are working well, and elements that are not adding value. CSL can review your current scheme and processes and suggest improvements that could be made.


Territory alignment

Gone are the days where you just divide the UK up into 20-50 territories based on sales or potential. The situation is far more complex now with access by far the most important factor in any sales force territory structure.



Team effectiveness & motivation

Team effectiveness and motivation – When evaluating sales professionals and customer service representatives, their competencies, skills, and behaviours (especially when observed interacting with customers) are strong predictors of their performance.

This key information is often not captured or tracked effectively, and is seldom linked in an accessible way to performance.

We’ve spent the last 10 years helping companies improve the motivation and effectiveness of their teams. These have ranged from traditional sales teams, KAM teams, Business intelligence teams, sales managers, right through to call centre customer service teams.  Our flexible tool is suitable for any team.


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