CSL can design and build you the data warehouse or data warehousing solution to meet your current requirements and allow for the flexible expansion of your big data in the future.

Over the years we have created a number of multi-country solutions and have experience with very large databases and database technology. We also recognise that big projects often grow out of small ones so don’t hesitate to contact us even if the need is relatively small, as we are sure we can help – even if you just want to pick our brains.

CSL’s data warehousing solutions are designed to meet both your current requirements and allow for flexible expansion in the future.

As a Microsoft gold partner we can use the full Microsoft tool set, or if your standard is Oracle we can deliver solutions in this too.  We are front-end agnostic: Choose from a range of BI tools to meet your user needs and corporate standards including CSL’s KPI Dashboard, Power BI, Esprit, Cognos, Spotfire®, Qlik®, SAP Lumira, Tableau, Excel & Analysis Services.

As data warehousing experts we have also assisted a number of clients with their migration to Salesforce.com (Veeva) CRM from their legacy CRM system and in doing so ensured the disruption to the business was minimised by reducing the analytics down time.

Some of the more common data warehousing systems / datasets we deal with on a day to day basis include:

  • CRM data (Veeva, Siebel, Cegedim, Salesforce.com, Microsoft dynamics, etc.),
  • ERP data (SAP, IFS, Microsoft, etc.)
  • IMS data (RXA, HPA, SCM, BPI, etc.)
  • CLM data
  • Social media data
  • Sales targets
  • Wholesaler data
  • Homecare data (Healthcare at Home, Alcura, Evolution, Clinovia, etc.)
  • Market research data
  • NHS data (HES, QOF, primary care prescribing, etc.)
  • Demographic data, Data.gov, Fraud data, IRI data
  • Any other data you can think of

Some example projects we are working on at the moment are:-

Sales data from multiple sources

Creating a data warehouse bringing together sales data from over 20 different sources and providing full master data management to ensure 1 version of the truth.

Fraud data

Creating a data warehouse and reporting solution to provide member organisations with the data and intelligence required to prevent fraud.  This solution utilises our next generation of data sharing and visualisation software Esprit³.

Homecare data

Creating a warehouse containing all of our clients homecare data (Over 30 files a month from multiple homecare providers).  This solution includes matching of accounts and products to the customers internal master lists.  A standard extract is then produced and fed into the company’s global reporting solution.

Data warehousing support

Providing both onsite and remote support for a client’s data warehouse to cover internal resource constraints.

Veeva Analytics

Migrating a customer’s warehouse & analytics taking data from their previous CRM to utilise their new Veeva CRM.  All the analytics of the Veeva data is delivered to the field utilising this new warehouse.

So if you have a data warehousing need or simply have some data and you are not sure what to do with it, give us a call now for a free assessment.

Data warehouse review

We recently carried out a full data warehouse review for a new customer.  This gave the business the piece of mind they needed that the warehouse they had invested a lot of money in was fit for purpose today, and flexible to cope with future changes in requirements.  CSL were able to complete this review within a month of the initial discussion.

Key Features

  • One version of the truth.
  • Highly rapid deployment.
  • Using standard tools.
  • Fully managed data warehouse (If required).
  • Truly scalable solution.
  • ISO27001 certified development house.
  • GDPR compliance design.

Extra Benefits

  • We guarantee to deliver your data warehousing project for a fixed price. No hidden costs during the project ensure you are fully aware of the true cost and can manage your budget accordingly.
  • We pride ourselves on our rapid deployment capability, and can start to deliver results within weeks of the project start.
  • As a Microsoft partner we use Microsoft standard data warehousing tools, this means that should you want to manage or expand the warehouse yourselves following implementation this is easier for you.
  • CSL have developed a number of systems to assist with master data management, data quality, and build management all with front ends so non-technical employees can look after the day to day management activities.
  • Our team will work with you and your IT / BI departments throughout the design and development process to ensure that you get the data warehouse you need without any surprises.
  • Our warehouse schema designs follow industry best practice ensuring it is fully compatible with any of the 3rd party analytics tools on the market (Esprit, Qlik, Spotfire, Tableau, Cognos, Analysis Services, Power BI, CSL Dashboards, etc.)

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