CSL can help you motivate and reward your sales teams to ensure you get the best results possible.

Have you ever wondered how your sales targets & incentive scheme compare to that of other companies in your industry. Chances are there will be elements of your scheme that are working well, and elements that are not adding value. CSL can review your current scheme and processes and suggest improvements that could be made.

Incentive compensation plans affect everyone in your organisation and can have a profound impact on motivation and results. Incentive compensation management (ICM) is a challenging and demanding discipline that incorporates many types of data.  Your incentive scheme should depend on your market, what part of the life cycle you product is at, what your brand priorities are, and many other things.  Do you change your incentive scheme every year? Should you?

Eliminate the hassles of your current ICM and process powerful, multi-factorial solutions in a flexible and inexpensive manner with CSL’s fully managed solution.

Here are some of the steps we could take to improve your incentive schemes and improve the motivation of your sales teams:-

  1. Initial review of current plans
    1. Anonymous questionnaire of ‘users’
    2. Interviews with current High/Medium/Low beneficiaries
    3. Payments analysis
  2. Develop new components (perhaps including)
    1. Sales focused
    2. Ranks or absolute
    3. capped or uncapped
  3. Validate using historic data
    1. how would this years payments look in the new scheme
  4. Ensure sales team buy in

The amount of damage a bad incentive scheme does is amazing.  It will cost you tens (perhaps hundreds) of thousands of pounds in lost sales, likely increase your recruitment costs (as people leave), and generally demotivate your remaining sales people.  This is why it is s important to get it right, and keep it right.

Feel free to take a look at our Incentives Manager + product page if you want to know more about our software solution for a fully managed process

Key Features

  • We can provide resource, or a full managed service - whatever you need
  • We can run a number of workshops and discussions as part of the review and design process
  • The solution can be delivered in excel (For ease of use), as a bespoke website, or integrated into your existing systems
  • As consultants, we can share our experience of what works and what doesn’t

Extra Benefits

  • CSL give you the piece of mind that your sales targets and incentive scheme are robust
  • We bring ideas as well as technology to the table, ensuring you have a class leading solution
  • Whether you just want some feedback on your current scheme, or a full redesign of everything we will deliver

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