Improve your understanding of the NHS environment and improve the treatments received by patients using real world data sets such as Hospital episode statistics (HES), GP prescribing, QOF, Real World Data analytics and patient outcomes.

real world dataWe operate in interesting times, the data world is opening up and we now have access to a number of essential real world healthcare datasets. CSL have developed specialist software and data manipulation techniques to enable datasets such as HES (Hospital episode statistics) to be utilised to understand the patient journeys into and through the healthcare system. Our aim is to provide the NHS data and tools (NHS Analytics) that can be used to improve patient outcomes and or reduce treatment costs.

The NHS is facing a massive challenge of meeting the healthcare needs of the population combined with constant budgetary challenges. It needs to get more efficient at what it does and how it does it, and we believe real world data is the key to driving and measuring these efficiency gains.  More specifically utilising real world data to generate insights into each local health economy.

You can use NHS analytics and NHS data to provide the information your teams need to engage with the NHS and help it meet these challenges.  Here are a few simple examples of how HES data can be utilised:-

Also, by combining GP Prescribing data with emergency hospital admissions you can identify opportunities for smarter prescribing in primary care which will lead to improved patient outcomes.

We’ve been providing real world data to improve patient outcomes to our customers for the past 10 years.  Real world data is the future of analytics in the healthcare industry and CSL can help you maximise these data.  In the near future we expect to see more patient generated data being used to influence how healthcare is provided.  By this we mean app data, wearable data, etc.

So if you want to know what NHS data are available in your markets, or what the current trends are for NHS analytics contact us now for a free review and advisory report.  If you have a specific interest in Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data then Esprit is the solution for you.

If you want to read an example of utilising the NHS prescribing data then take a look at this article about formularies

Key Features

  • Datasets handled include: HES, QOF, NHS Practice prescribing, NJR, Patient satisfaction, Homecare, Demographics, Deprivation, CCG & Trust financials, NICE scorecard, FOI data.
  • Automatic updates, at a frequency to suit your needs
  • We can deliver data or software (Or both)

Extra Benefits

  • By getting all of your real world and NHS data from the same supplier you not only achieve great economies of scale, but you also ensure you get the data in a consistent and comparable format.
  • The true value of these NHS data comes from combining multiple sources together - This is what we can provide.
  • The time you will save by using CSL's real world data solution will mean you can spend more time analysing the data and deriving insights. We make NHS analytics easy.
  • The tools we can provide these data in are truly powerful and will enable you to fully utilise the data for the benefits of patients and commissioning.
  • Being ISO27001 accredited means we take data security seriously. Data is managed and masked in line with all NHS Digital guidelines ensuring you only see the data you are allowed.
  • Our solution enables you to stand out from the competition when discussing your customers' data with your customers.

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