Team effectiveness and motivation – When evaluating sales professionals and customer service representatives, their competencies, skills, and behaviours (especially when observed interacting with customers) are strong predictors of their performance.

This key information is often not captured or tracked effectively, and is seldom linked in an accessible way to performance.

We’ve spent the last 10 years helping companies improve the motivation and effectiveness of their teams. These have ranged from traditional sales teams, KAM teams, Business intelligence teams, sales managers, right through to call centre customer service teams.  Our flexible tool is suitable for any team.

It’s fair to say motivated individuals perform better in their role.  CSL have been working with a variety of companies to increase the motivation and skills of their employees.  At lot of this work has been with sales teams and looking at their ‘in call’ competencies. It can be hard enough getting to speak to your customers.  Are you confident that your employees are performing at the top of their game when in front of their customers? Can you afford for them not to be?

We offer various levels of solution to meet your needs:-

Framework design

If your company is new to coaching you probably want to start with developing a suite of competency models that highlight what skills you want to improve and what excellence looks like.  We can help you with this

Coaching assessment

Once you have a competency framework you will need a tool to facilitate the assessment process. This is where eCoach comes in.  Or if you are looking to improve process, ORDIT is probably the tool you need

Self assessment

Coaching and development should continue even when the coach is not physically with the coachee.  We encourage individuals to assess themselves in between coaching visits and record their opinion in the tool.  This provides a good insight into their confidence as well as providing good discussion topics for the next coaching session.  This element of the solution plays a key role in improving the motivation of you teams


With all these data it would be a missed oportunity not to analyse it and look for company wide development opportunities.  CSL will provide a suite of dashboards to aggregate and cut the data in various ways.  These will identify any training issues that you need to resolve.

Key Features

  • Software or consultancy - we can deliver either (or both).
  • SAAS solution available - we take care of all the IT meaning you don't have to
  • Fully flexible solution ensuring your requirements are fulfilled and don't have to be 'tweaked' to fit in with a generic tool
  • Software solution can be delivered on iPad, Laptop, or both
  • Proven results - we are more than happy to share them with you
  • Software solution can be offline or online depending on your needs

Extra Benefits

  • Customers using CSL have seen a 31% improvement in the skills of their low performers with high performers also improving
  • They have also achieved a 71% increase in motivation across their entire user base (Even the best performers showed an increased motivation)
  • Sales growth also increased during this period. We certainly wouldn't put all of this growth down to the software itself. What is more likely is the increased focus on coaching has contributed to this growth. The software is merely the tool that facilitates this cultural shift

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