Gone are the days where you just divide the UK up into 20-50 territories based on sales or potential. The situation is far more complex now with access by far the most important factor in any sales force territory structure.


Help is at hand, CSL can ensure your territory alignment process runs smoothly and meets your expectations.

Territory alignment

Our approach to resource allocation (territory alignment) is straight forward:-

  • We meet with you to understand your needs and markets
  • We discuss with you and then recommend the most appropriate data to use
  • We process and initial structure (or two) and present these back to you. This is likely to include recommendations for area’s that shouldn’t be worked
  • We make any required adjustments and deliver the end solution
  • We produce a deck of slides highlighting the changes with a slide of information for each territory (if relevant)
  • You walk away with a new structure (and the map software if you want)
  • We look forward to working with you again the next time this need comes up

And what makes it all really straight forward is the maps can work directly off an excel file meaning no ‘black box’ or data loading is required, and it will happily run on your laptop.

If you want to get hands on, simply buy a licence from us and utilise the software yourselves.  We will happily provide a training session to get you up and running.  It really is pretty straight forward to use, and we can happily put you in contact with some of our current customers so you can hear from them the ease of use and value it brings.

Because CSL Maps is part of the KPI dashboard solution it is quick and easy to upgrade to a solution where you can deliver insights and dashboards to your colleagues within the tool.

Key Features

  • Fully managed service, or we give you the software, you decide
  • Fully offline maps available, so you can use the solution whenever and wherever you need
  • Optional Google maps integration, which provides great insights into motorway networks, etc.
  • We can deliver a number of workshops as part of the process if required.
  • All of this delivered at an affordable cost

Extra Benefits

  • We have the software and the know how, we can provide a complete outsourced solution giving you the piece of mind that independent experts have developed your territory structures
  • Or take the software in-house and develop your own structures at your own leisure
  • The software is a .net application meaning it doesn't need to be installed so you can be up and running in minutes without the need to involve IT
  • As we can provide as much consultancy and support as you need we will have a solution that fits your needs and your budget