Real World Health Data

Improve patient outcomes with accurate data and powerful tools

Our insight tools offer new and secure ways of looking at NHS data

Those of us who work in and around the healthcare industry share one ambition – to improve patient outcomes. How can this be achieved? There are of course many pieces in this puzzle, but data analytics has undoubtedly become a key part of the solution.

Accurate interpretation of data can help us to target medicines and care exactly where they’re needed, to eliminate waste and inefficiency, and to forecast future need to ensure effective strategies are put in place by government departments and healthcare providers.

Our health data services utilise datasets to their full potential. When you work with CSL, you’ll receive an award-winning service that will enable economies of scale and valuable insights for your organisation.

Discover the true power of NHS data 

Our tools will help you to understand a broad range of factors, including local environments, disease burdens, priorities and future opportunities. The datasets we utilise include:

• Hospital Episode Statistics (HES)

• Prescribing data

• Biosimilars uptake

• Adoption of NICE appraised medicines

• Patient data

• Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF)

• Demographics data (age, gender, ethnicity, deprivation)

• Financial data

• GP survey data

• CCG plans


We are ISO 27001 accredited, and we take data security seriously. All data is managed and masked in line with all NHS Digital guidelines ensuring you only see the data you are allowed.

Six ways to improve services and drive efficiencies

Patient-led data for pharma and device companies

Pharmaceutical and health device companies need to understand how patients are behaving with their products so that they can help shape drug development and patient engagement. 

Data collected by patients using devices and apps have the future capacity to offer fresh insights, particularly when analysed alongside datasets from ‘official’ channels. CSL has the expertise to combine diverse data sources, clean them and present the results in highly visual charts and graphs. Read our homecare analysis page to find out more. 

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