Power BI – What new features have Microsoft given us in March 2018

By Scott Bryson, BI Developer, CSL

Power BI update

Here is some information on what’s new in Microsoft’s latest release of Power BI

Custom Tool-tips

Ordinarily, a simple tool-tip is provided when hovering over visualisations, but with the latest March release, developers can now create bespoke additional visualisations that appear and filter automatically depending on what you’re focusing on. The ability to create mini-visuals means developers no longer have to battle with screen ‘real estate’. Each visualisation can have its own personalised visual tool-tip.

Slicer Synchronisation

The idea of having a slicer on one page that remains in place when switching between report tabs has been in the pipeline for a long time with a great number of users very keen to have the functionality. In the February release the ability the idea came to fruition.

There has always been the ability to set Report Level Filters with end users accessing the options from a separate expandable filter pane. But some users may not be aware of this and what if you don’t want to apply this filter to every report page? With the Slicer Sync option, you can have slicer options on one page that carry through to only pages you select. The slicer does not even have to be present on the other pages for the filter to take effect. NB: This functionality currently only works with in-build slicers, not custom visualisations from the store.

Multi-Select Data Across Multiple Charts

Until now, if a user selected an item in a chart and then selected another item in a different chart you would lose the initial selection. This meant you could not filter more than once to see results. With the February update, users can now use the control key to multi-select items to drill-down for results. This can enhance the report experience as well as use less space on the page with multiple slicers.

power BI what new features has Microsoft given us


Bookmarking is now generally available and no longer in Preview. Bookmarking allows the developers to create pre-programmed page views that will appeal to various end-users who will perhaps have a different focus.

To Wrap It Up

That wraps up our summary on the new features delivered with this update. You can find the full summary here.

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