Your salespeople are highly skilled professionals who are most effective when in front of your customers, selling — not analysing data. KPI Dashboard lets your sales staff transform their business by turning data into intelligence.

As experts in analytics and reporting, we understand that in order for your sales teams to be truly effective, they need to have extensive business planning and customer targeting expertise. Our KPI Dashboard data analytics solution intuitively breaks down this information and presents it in an easy-to-use and intelligible manner.

By turning your CRM, sales, market and real world data into actionable information, quickly, without fuss, and at a fraction of the cost of the raw data, your team is better prepared. KPI Dashboard takes complex data and presents it with clarity, using graphic-rich reports and alerts to steer your sales teams toward success.  In effect, we turn data into actionable Intelligence.

KPI Dashbords, Analytics

For successful campaign, brand and employee performance measurement, CSL’s KPI Dashboard gives you unparalleled power to assess business plan effectiveness, and to make changes quickly and effectively, by integrating all inputs and outputs.  Each dashboard suite is designed specifically for you, we don’t dictate what dashboards you need (Although we are more than happy to advise).  Even better, you can tailor dashboards at a team and individual level if you need.  We recognise it is important to know that your users are using these tools, so we record every report they open and store this information centrally.  We use this information to deliver you a suite of usage reports so you can see who your real field champions are.

We know your users will benefit from using our software, studies have shown that the regions that use our software the most have the highest sales vs target (SVT), and the regions that use it the least have the lowest.

KPI dashboard is available on laptop and iPad and works completely offline ensuring your users have access to the data they need when they need it.  Data is synchronised with the server using CSL’s propriety Sync Manager solution.

We’ve been leading in the Healthcare analytics space for many decades now.  In fact our ability to turn data into intelligence has enabled us to deploy solutions in other industries also (Finance, Insurance, Fraud, Global workspace, Animal HealthFMCG).  So whatever industry you work in, contact us now to see how KPI Dashboard can deliver the analytics you need.

Key Features

  • Designer tool empowers your BI team
  • Work offline or online on a laptop or iPad
  • Maps including optional Google Maps® integration
  • User specific views - give the team just what they need
  • Fully interactive and static report options
  • Modern graphics
  • Can be used a hub (One stop shop) for all analytics & data

Extra Benefits

  • Key metrics are presented in a succinct and uncluttered format with clear visuals and colour theming to enhance understanding
  • Data is interactive so you can explore the measures and identify the drivers underlying metrics, such as targeting customer sub-optimal frequency.
  • You can quickly take action, such as identifying which customers to see, who not to see, which geographic areas to pursue, and which not to pursue.
  • Using CSL's alert functionality data is turned into insight meaning your users can get to the important intelligence quickly
  • The offline functionality of KPI dashboard empowers your salesteams to utilise their analytics when and where they need it

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