Incentives Manager Plus provides complete automation of the incentive process, from target setting through to implementation of plan rules, qualifying criteria, and eligibility.

Incentive compensation plans affect everyone in your organisation and can have a profound impact on motivation and results. Incentive compensation management (ICM) is a challenging and demanding discipline that incorporates many types of data.

Eliminate the hassles of your current ICM and process powerful, multi-factorial solutions in a flexible and inexpensive manner with our innovative software: Incentives Manager Plus.

Incentives Manager Plus provides complete automation of the entire process, from quota setting through implementation of plan rules, qualifying criteria, and eligibility. A SaaS, cloud capable solution, Incentives Manager Plus’s advanced algorithms and database design, founded on 15 years of global ICM experience, provides a powerful combination of speed and flexibility in plan design and execution.

All data is imported in its native form by our advanced data engine, and is quality-checked using both automated and experienced consultant methods to ensure total accuracy.

Key Features

  • Validation and assurance of accuracy
  • Flexible incentive statement design
  • Online secure user access
  • Fast and reliable results
  • Results sent directly to Payroll
  • Easy exception management

Extra Benefits

  • Advanced roster management allows you to easily align all personnel details and eligible roles with complete accuracy. Advanced data engine enables you to get the numbers right the first time, even when information is provided in a multiplicity of formats.
  • Forecast Modeller provides effective forecasting and goal setting using multiple forecasting algorithms and “what if” scenarios. Target setting is straightforward and simple with our visual interface, which allows you to compare results and apportion sales quotas across territories.
  • SaaS solution can be hosted and managed by CSL. Our experienced consultants can manage your ICM plans effectively, but you can still have portal access to key parameters, so you are always in control.

Take control of your incentive programme.