Visualise data in minutes with CSL maps direct from excel saving you time and money. Make smarter decisions, use CSL maps from excel

Visualising data on a map is a great way of displaying information in a clear and colourful way that appeals to a wide variety of users.

By turning your CRM, sales, expenditure, market and real world data into actionable information, quickly, without fuss, and at a fraction of the cost of the raw data, you can make informed decisions about territory structures, NHS boundaries, resource allocation and many other topics

A simple example is shown here:-

Google map from excel

This example show how a user is utilising the Google maps® integration  to visualise their territory structure with regards to market potential.  You might be wondering how it all works?  You simply input your data into the predefined excel files at postcode district level and then launch the map.

CSL’s maps from excel is available on laptop and works completely offline ensuring your users have access to the data they need when they need it.  In fact there isn’t even a program to install we just send you a zip file and you extract it to your laptop and you are up and running.

Key Features

  • This tool empowers your users to maximise their data in maps
  • Work offline on a laptop
  • Maps including optional Google Maps® integration
  • Can be populated with any data you want (by you)
  • Integrated with PowerPoint for rapid slide building
  • Drill through the map to show CCG, Brick, District as required

Extra Benefits

  • Quickly and easily turn data in excel into an interactive map
  • Design your new territory structures for a fraction of the cost of the traditional consultancies
  • Zero IT footprint means you can be up and running within 5 minutes of agreeing to use the tool and without the need to involve IT

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