CSL's new NHS benchmarking service enables you to compare your performance with your peers simply and quickly.

Improve patient outcomes – NHS benchmarking

The NHS stands in interesting times, CCG’s and hospital trusts are being tasked with delivering better care for a more needy population whilst suffering a real term cut in their budgets.  In order to meet these challenges something has to change.  We believe data is the key, utilising data to reduce bed days, reduce readmission’s, reduce surgical site infections, improve patient outcomes and learn from best practice are just some of the ways we feel data can help.

How can CSL help?

We have recently launched a new service for the NHS.  We will give any NHS organisation complimentary access to our online benchmarking tool.  The tool utilises a Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES) data, to provide insights into your NHS organisation, and benchmarks it’s performance against other CCG’s or Trusts.  Some example benchmark metrics are shown below:-

  • Average length of stay by diagnosis/procedure/HRG
  • Levels of readmissions for specific diseases
  • Levels of recorded surgical site infections

NHS Data

We plan to evolve the NHS Benchmarking service over the coming years based on feedback from our users so if there is a particular metric that you would like to monitor to help you improve patient outcomes and track your organisations performance let us know.

If you are interested in subscribing to this service or would simply like some more information please contact Lee Ronan either via email LeeR@csl-uk.com or phone 01483 528305.

Some of our customer comments:-

“I am so grateful for all of the effort you and the team have put into this project. The output has been absolutely invaluable in helping drive access time improvements in the ‘threatened heart attack’ pathway………..”

Dr Richard A Jones – Consultant Cardiologist, Clinical Director, Wessex Cardiovascular Clinical Network


“The excellent analysis that you completed for us earlier in the year was a great help to us in designing the new DAIRS service and shaping our thoughts on how we can monitor its effectiveness.”

Project Manager – Southern CCG


“Many thanks for this – we do recognise the worsening position that you identify. We have used your analysis, along with public health data and audits carried out by BCIS, to work with the trust on an improvement plan. We believe we have seen some change in 2014/15 and expect to see a bigger effect in 2015/16 as the improvement plan gets traction.

I want to thank you for the input you have had to this piece of work.”

Director of Service Delivery – South West CCG


* HES data can only be used by NHS Trusts, CCGs and other NHS organisations for the purposes permitted to CSL by NHS Digital

Key Features

  • Service is completely free to the NHS
  • Data are available for all Trusts and CCG's in England
  • Choose the disease areas that are of interest to your trust
  • Instantly compare your performance with all other trusts/CCG's

Extra Benefits

  • This tool will save you time as you no longer need to manually trawl through the data to find the needle
  • You can quickly take action, such as identifying which areas to focus on
  • Monitor these improvements over time with monthly updates

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