Achieve your continuous improvement goals. Bring critical analysis of process quality and feedback to employees and managers.

Whatever your industry or processes, ORDIT enables process improvement and optimisation.

ORDIT is an enterprise-level quality assurance, BPM, compliance and risk management tool, focused on optimising processes and associate performance.

Find out what’s going wrong FAST and correct it before it becomes a challenge. Use ORDIT for employee coaching and to achieve your continuous improvement goals. Bring critical analysis of process quality and feedback to employees and managers.

With ORDIT you can:

  • Audit & Perfect
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Manage Risk
  • Coach Employees to the Highest Standard
  • Maximise Quality
  • Critical Compliance Metrics Reporting

There is no industry more competitive than banking and financial services: the acquisition, on-boarding and retention of customers are the most important activities your organisation undertakes. Once your customers are on board, your processes need to be efficient, compliant with UK and EU regulations, and as error free as you can make them. It’s a process of constant quality assurance and optimisation.

We truly believe ORDIT is the tool that can help your business improve both it’s processes and it’s people so what are you waiting for?

Key Features

  • Gain the competitive edge by using ORDIT to ensure quality in all of your processes and ensure compliance with all regulations, from pre-boarding right through the customer life cycle
  • Gain a holistic customer-centric view of your business, ensuring quality and compliance in every process you enact
  • Trap errors and correct “broken” processes before they become a major issue. Coach employees to higher standards of performance using real examples of their work
  • Satisfy the requirements of both internal and external auditors with automated reporting and a complete audit trail
  • CSL hosts your solution on a dedicated server facility at a secure location, taking all the hassle out of managing and running your enterprise QA system

Extra Benefits

  • Fully configurable and customisable scorecards aligned to processes and customers
  • QA sampling algorithms, queuing and allocation of work to employees
  • Every action time-stamped and assigned to an employee or operator
  • Full workflow and SLA capture
  • Automated error detection, threshold-based instant alerts and notifications
  • Critical compliance reporting with selective user access
  • Automated audit and compliance reporting
  • Key metric dashboards

Want to know more about how ORDIT cold help your business?