eCoach is the perfect coaching assessment and evaluation tool that can capture, store and report on your team's performance, providing real-time coaching information.

When evaluating and coaching sales professionals and customer service representatives, their competencies, skills, and behaviours — especially when observed interacting with customers — are strong predictors of their performance.

This key information is often not captured or tracked effectively, and is seldom linked in an accessible way to performance. That’s why you need eCoach, the most trusted sales force coaching software on the market.

ecoach sales force coaching

When you have eCoach at your fingertips, the evaluations you make, and individual development plans you agree on, are rich in objectivity and context. eCoach encapsulates objectives, linking them to actions on sales, activities, and competency initiatives into one easy-to-use platform.

The best part of all? eCoach is designed for use in the field or in the office, so it’s optimised for use on multiple devices, including laptops, and iPad®. This enables your management team to effectively coach — wherever they are. Assessments started on one type of device can be completed on another completely securely. This ensure the coaching process happens with your field force where and when they need it.

Can you afford not to be coaching your field force?  We feel the answer to this question is no.  If you agree, contact us now to discuss how eCoach can help you with your sales force coaching.

Key Features

  • Capture skills, behaviours and competencies, in real time
  • High-quality visuals are distinctive and appealing, enhancing the coaching process
  • Ability to fully customise as required to meet the needs of your field force
  • Work offline on laptop or iPad
  • Brings transparency and objectivity to the coaching, training, and development of your field force
  • Automatic integration of CRM and sales data
  • Use “SMART” objective setting and tracking
  • Integrate your corporate competency or behaviour models

Extra Benefits

  • eCoach will drive an improvement in the skills and motivation of your field force, increasing sales.
  • Managers' coaching time is significantly increased without impacting on “selling time”, by reducing the coaching admin burden
  • Collate coaching progress data at a company level and identify competencies that require investment (Training materials, session at corporate conference, etc.)
  • By empowering users to self-assess, eCoach becomes a crucial part of their continual professional development
  • Identify and measure the competencies that drive quality and performance, and then act on them

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