SQL expert is a novel and convenient service, designed to help businesses manage their own data and Business Intelligence by providing flexible, expert resource and support for Microsoft SQL Server BI solutions.

SQL Resource & SQL Support

Managing your own BI has many advantages, ensuring that you can make the most of your company’s data and react to the needs of the business. Our SQL resource can provide you with expert SQL Server support on demand.

As BI becomes embedded in your organisation, the business’ requirements for new ways in which to use data often grow beyond the reasonable possibility to deliver, and the to-do list frequently continues to lengthen.

CSL’s service has been developed to meet the needs of those companies that are content to manage their own data, and appreciate a helping hand.  We provide the SQL resource you need to support you as/when you need it.

Our experienced developers become an extension of your team that you can turn on and off as required.  You work directly with our UK based experts, rather than account managers, and we are there to provide development resource, support, performance tuning and advice when you need it.  it truly is SQL support on demand.

How does it work?

We have two SQL support models to choose from, to ensure the service suits your needs:

Subscription model

You pay an annual subscription fee, entitling you to

  • An initial on-site acclimatisation day for the CSL team to get to know your business
  • Access to development resource within 24 hours
  • Access to telephone advice and support
  • A fixed, reduced daily rate
  • A consistent team at CSL UK to support you
  • First 5 days of development & support included in subscription

Pay as you go

Where infrequent use is anticipated, ‘pay by the day’ is the model for you.

Both models are based on the availability of a secure remote connection to your systems for our UK based experts to develop over.  We can also work onsite if you prefer?  So next time you need a contractor make the smart choice and choose a CSL SQL server support expert.

For more information on our data warehousing expertise and some of the current projects we are working on please click here.

Key Features

  • Flexibly augment your existing team during busy periods or for big projects
  • Provide cover for holidays, sickness or other absence
  • Support your existing team with issues or more challenging developments
  • Ensure continuity of knowledge within small teams
  • Access multi-disciplinary, UK based expertise, including warehousing, design, performance tuning and data security

Extra Benefits

  • Unlike additional staff, you only pay for resource as and when you need it
  • Get access to the skills of a whole team rather than one individual, without training costs
  • Get continuity of cover, so don’t need to worry about holidays, sickness or employees being poached / succession planning
  • Employees with good SQL skills are challenging to recruit and retain
  • No recruitment fees or lead times, you get the resource you need when you need it
  • No need to keep contractors on the books during quiet times so you don’t lose them
  • No wasted learning time each time a new contractor is hired and needs to be brought up to speed, and accountability post deliver

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