Save time for your marketing & sales teams with pro-active insights; let SAIL sift your data for the nuggets you need to know. 

Find the Interesting - Predictive Artificial Intelligence Analysis for Healthcare & Pharma

So much data, so little time. Do your sales and marketing teams get the right information to allow them to understand and drive the business effectively? 

What if they could be alerted to interesting, unusual or unexpected events automatically? 

Our SAIL software uses the power of artificial intelligence to mine your data and then assess it for relevance, shortcutting the analysis processes by providing users with custom-made headlines following in-depth analysis of the data. 

CSL has developed SAIL as a complement to your sales reporting, ensuring your sales and marketing teams get the most out of their analytics and are freed up to make best use of their time.

Alerts can be viewed in our mobile App, or incorporated into your sales dashboards via our API.

What can SAIL find for you?

We have combined 25 years experience in healthcare business intelligence with the latest technical innovations in artificial intelligence to develop SAIL.

Our knowledge of the industry has enabled us to create algorithms that meet the particular needs of our sector, going beyond basic forecasting of future sales. 

Pick from an expanding range of alert types to tailor what SAIL brings to your attention, so that you only receive the insights for accounts, products and types of notification that are most relevant to you.  


Unexpected events: What is out of the ordinary

Possible threats: Sales not occurred

Predicted Sales: Forecast future sales

* Unusual buying patterns: Possible parallel trading

* Formulary change: change in product status

Movers and Shakers: predict future top accounts


We continue to research and develop new algorithms. CSL can also develop bespoke algorithms to meet particular needs.  

*coming in 2020

Easy Adoption

We've made SAIL easy for you to adopt.

  • All processing hosted on CSL's ISO27001 certified infrastructure
  • You determine the length of subscription term that suits you
  • Download the App or use our API for simple integration with your existing dashboards

Getting data used effectively within sales and marketing teams is hard work. SAIrelieves this burden, allowing you more time to make effective business decisions. 

If you would like to improve team engagement with your data, we would love the opportunity to discuss SAIL with you. 

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