Doing our bit in 2020 

Matthew Beckett, Managing Director, CSL

It’s easy to go through life rolling sixes and patting yourself on the back for it; and while effort, determination, ability and focus all increase our chances of success, sometimes you throw a six, while others lose the die under the sofa.  

This year, that has been more apparent than at any time in my lifetime, with the average roll of the dice falling considerably for many.  It feels incumbent, therefore, on those of us that have been less affected to contribute more widely in these times. So here are a few examples of how the team at CSL has tried to do so this year.  

Life has been particularly tough for those locked down in unsafe environments this year.  As a small gesture CSL has teamed up with the local charity Safe In Sussex to provide Christmas dinner to everyone seeking shelter in their four refuges across West Sussex this winter. 

CSL has a long-standing policy of conducting analysis for the NHS without charge, and in our latest financial year we conducted around £100k worth of reports for the NHS.  We have also developed a free Covid impact tracker to enable NHS institutions to evaluate the effects of the pandemic on all other disease areas, which we are about to launch.

We took the decision early on not to lean on the country, and during quieter times we have redeployed staff onto R&D projects to invest in our future, rather than use the furlough scheme. 

Finally, the environment is very important to many of us in the team, so this year we are supporting The National Forest, who are working to restore and replant lost woodland here in the UK. 

We have only been able to do this because so many of you have given us your business this year, for which we are very grateful.  Let’s hope everyone rolls a few more sixes next year!


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