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As commonplace as pharma rebate management is in the pharma industry, it is nonetheless extremely complicated. Many organisations are often unable to accurately verify the rebates they pay out. Processing claims can be labour intensive and fragmented, with a lot of scope for human error.

Issues are often caused by the data provided. Organisations need to be able to compare multiple, disparate datasets.

In addition to making sure you are starting off with the correct data it is important to bring in automated processes and software to take out any ‘human error’ element.

CSL is able to support our clients with their pharma rebate management by:

Providing comparisons between multiple datasets, reconciling stock over time.

Extracting data from warehouses accurately, giving detailed information needed across a number of datasets.

Taking human intervention out of the whole process; from loading invoices and rebate information to weekly sales data.

Providing accurate outputs for feeding into finance systems for payment.

We make sure our client’s pharma rebate management process is accurate, with the client reaping identifiable financial benefits. Contact us for a chat about how we can improve your rebate management system.

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