Rebate System Improvement

Top 5 UK Pharma – Rebate System Improvement


Our initial requirement was to improve the client’s system for processing, validating and managing rebate claims. The ability to accurately verify rebate claims was highly valuable for the client in order to avoid large, unvalidated payments. Once this element was delivered our scope was expanded to include pricing and contract management.

What challenges did the client face?

The client’s existing rebate process was labour intensive and fragmented. There was no holistic overview of the process within the organisation, with only a few individuals understanding their specific elements. This meant there was a lot of scope for human error and no certainty that rebates were being submitted and paid out correctly.

Pricing and contract management was also complex and fragmented, and our solution was expanded to address these.

CSL Rebate Management

What did we do to solve it?

Our solution started with an in-depth consultation and requirements gathering exercise. The outcome of this consultation was detailed technical specifications for the revised process.

Following the consultation process, CSL developed a bespoke web-based solution. Rebate files were received from external sources and placed into holding areas, where they were automatically processed, checked and authorised; resulting in an accurate output ready to be fed into the client’s finance system for payment.

What were the benefits for the client?

The key areas of improvement for the client were consolidation, automation, streamlining and increased efficiency and accuracy. CSL’s solution means automation and built in checking have largely removed the potential for human error and ensures that rebates and contracts are processed accurately, with the client reaping identifiable financial benefits.

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