Homecare Analysis

Do you use homecare to deliver your products to your patients? CSL can help track usage, improve persistence and prevent wastage through homecare analysis.

30% medicines incorrectly taken

Timely Intervention

Improve Persistence

Prevent Wastage

Homecare analysis can offer real commercial benefits

As a pharma company, you want patients to get the most from your medicines. Knowing that those patients are being prescribed the right drugs, taking the right dose at the right time, and persevering with their treatment, is an important part of the homecare picture.

The health risks are evident when patients do not follow their homecare drug regimens. In addition, the financial impact on NHS resources can be huge, with negative knock-on effects for pharma too.

Ensuring patients continue on the appropriate treatment for an extended period benefits the patient, the NHS and your pharma company.

At CSL, we analyse homecare companies’ data surrounding compliance and adherence, uncovering insights that will drive significant benefits to the pharma industry, healthcare providers and patients. A true win-win situation.

homecare analysis

Homecare analysis in action

Our work identifies key months where the risk of stopping treatment is higher. Healthcare providers can then introduce support programs to help patients through these tough periods, which may be triggered by side effects, or a perceived lack of efficacy.

The graph opposite offers an example of the kind of insights that homecare analysis can bring. It shows a clear dip in adherence in month 12 – data that we were able to provide to the client using our experience and data warehousing skills.

This may look like simple analysis to produce but getting to this point was not as easy as it seems. We used data from several homecare companies, each using different data formats, different descriptions for the same hospitals and different definitions around the underlying meaning of the data. As a result, the information could not be simply aggregated – work needed to be done to clean it and make it homogeneous. Using our experience and data warehousing skills, we took the hassle away and ensured that maximum benefits and insights could be derived from the homecare data.

What Are The Benefits of Homecare Analysis?

Using homecare analysis, pharma companies have the opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate high compliance levels
  • Understand the risk of low compliance
  • Ensure timely intervention when issues are raised
  • Compare homecare providers
  • Forecast brand growth

With accurate information at your fingertips, it is possible to address the pressing problem of drugs wastage – an issue that tarnishes the pharmaceutical industry and puts financial pressure on the NHS.