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Ask our consultants about Tableau’s powerful capabilities for Pharma

Tableau’s mission statement is encapsulated in seven words: ‘We help people see and understand data’. Here at CSL, we love the simplicity and effectiveness of this software, and our experts work with the product day-in day-out to deliver exceptional results for our Pharma clients.

The healthcare industry is increasingly data driven. The way we view that data is changing too: no-one wants to spend their days staring at columns of figures on an Excel spreadsheet.

Tableau has recognised this, and the results are transformative. Facts are presented in colourful, highly visual charts and graphs, making it easy to spot trends and opportunities. Tableau is a popular tool for Pharma in-house BI departments, and the basics can be quickly grasped by analysts and marketers alike. But if you are looking to get extra value from the product, or need help at particularly busy times, CSL is always on hand.

Unlock ROI with Tableau support from CSL

As Tableau Alliance Partners, CSL can engage with your organisation in a number of ways to help you get the most out of your investment in the tool.

For those in the early stages of adoption, or looking for a transformation of existing capability, we can provide an end to end service, preparing data, gathering requirements, designing and developing reports, and helping you integrate and train in systems.

Alternatively, we can set up service contracts to provide additional support and development resource to assist your in-house team, provide cover for small teams, or help out during busy periods. Our developers are all familiar with healthcare data as well as the tools themselves, so can hit the ground running on most projects to deliver a Tableau solution for our pharma clients.

Whether you’re already using Tableau, need training from scratch or require help with an urgent project, CSL can offer support.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat about Tableau – or any of the other BI platforms we use. Our software agnostic approach means we can advise on any product and will always give you an honest appraisal without trying to sell a specific service.