Extensive Brand Tracking

Top 10 BioPharma Company – Extensive Brand Tracking


There was no holistic overview of brand performance in the business.

Our client needed to bring together disparate data such as CRM data, sales data and launch data into one place to produce dashboards at global levels.

What challenges did the client face?

The client struggled with having various data sets located separately and never seeing all those numbers together at a country level.

Those in brand roles and senior management were unable look at brand performance globally or drill into the brand to have an holistic view of performance.

They needed to understand better brand performance across difference countries, launch dates, new indication dates, growth performance, sales performance, activity performance etc – all of the metrics relating to a brand.

Tableau Tracking

What did we do to solve it?

CSL pulled in 10 different data sets from across the business, some at account or brick level, and used Tableau Prep to group, join and clean the data so that it was as usable and efficient as possible for the dashboards.

Rolling up the data to be able to report on it, we grouped by country and did time analysis on it.As well as providing top-line key stats such as sales analysis against latest estimates as well finance data and activity of target coverage we also included BI attitudinal data on how HCPs were receiving the instruction, how they felt about the product and when they would prescribe it.

With interactive, highlight features in Tableau dashboard information is presented effortlessly without having to do click throughs, so key stats are readily accessible. With so much data on the same view, it is easy to focus in on one particular country or aspect.As everything was working off the same transformed data set with the same metrics behind each it meant than when doing country comparison, it was possible dig into that country with the same metrics being looked at, and to be able go that bit further and see them on the time analysis.

What were the benefits for the client?

CSL created a comprehensive brand overview and how it was performing, which allowed our client to compare data based on a country filter or to compare countries to each other.

The client was able to assess whether budgets were realistic and review trends to consider what targets should be set based on previous 12 months activity.

Brand tracking is often outsourced, and clients come to CSL because they like our approach and flexibility, along with our expertise in Tableau, Tableau Prep and Power BI – with the assurance of quality dashboards, refreshed every month.

The client was so pleased with the first brand 360° review that they are rolling out our approach to all remaining brands.

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