Tableau Activity Reporting

Top 14 UK Pharma – Tableau Activity Reporting


Our new client, a top 20 Pharmaceutical company, had an existing Tableau reporting solution that had been implemented by another 3rd party supplier. Following some recent changes to their CRM system there was now an opportunity to replace this with a new suite of exciting, modern dashboards delivering key insights to the sales and marketing teams.

What challenges did the client face?

User feedback on the current Tableau solution was that it was slow to open, even slower to use and didn’t give them the level of flexibility and functionality that they would like.

As Tableau partners we knew this was caused by the previous implementation and could be solved with our expertise.

Data Availability Pharma Data sets consultant

What did we do to solve it?

CSL worked with a small focus group of users to truly understand the needs of the business and determine how best to exceed utilising Tableau. CSL took an agile approach to the project, sharing progress with the client throughout to ensure alignment was maintained. The final solution incorporated a mini SQL Datamart, pre-processing the data and calculating a number of key metrics.

This was all then delivered in a suite of Tableau dashboards, incorporating all of the initial needs, as well as a number that were uncovered during the development.

What were the benefits for the client?

At the end of the project we had a very happy client, with the userbase getting more value from the dashboards than ever before. The new solution was also shared with European colleagues to show them how great Tableau can be.

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