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Our benchmarking tool is FREE for NHS organisations

The NHS operates in challenging times. CCGs and hospital trusts are under pressure to deliver better care for a rising population whilst suffering a real term cut to their budgets. In order to meet these challenges something has to change. We believe data is the key.

Intelligent data analysis offers powerful insights for NHS managers – insights that could reduce bed days, cut down on readmissions, prevent surgical site infections and improve patient outcomes. Our benchmarking tools enable you to instantly compare your performance against all other NHS trusts and CCGs. The result? Best practice can be quickly adopted by your organisation, with the potential to transform performance in the short, medium and long term.

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Why use CSL’s NHS benchmarking software?

This is a service we’re proud to provide free of charge to NHS organisations. The online benchmarking tool utilises Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES) data to provide insights into your NHS organisation, comparing its performance against other CCGs or trusts. Example benchmark metrics include:

Freely available to NHS organisations, our aim is to help Hospital Trusts and CCGs:

If you are an NHS organisation with a specific need, please get in touch. We are often able to do bespoke analysis for the NHS at reduced cost.

We are always pleased to accept feedback on our NHS benchmarking service and discuss the addition of new metrics. Please just ask and we will be happy to chat through your specific requirements.