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What does good look like?

Your Omnichannel Marketing pharma strategy in pharma is delivering positive outcomes and you are getting high engagement from potential leads. But what does 'good' really look like, when compared to your competitors in the healthcare industry?

Understanding how your Omnichannel strategy compares to your pharma peers is valuable information, and an insight that has potentially been lost since the move to the new omnichannel world.

CSL provides an impartial Omni Benchmarking service for Pharma to address this question.

It is a syndicated benchmarking service specifically for the pharma industry, focusing on an agreed set of pharma omnichannel metrics. It highlights areas to concentrate on improving, shows where you are performing well and helps demonstrate what is possible.

Only companies who provide their data into the service are able to subscribe to the insights generated, with those providing their data gaining a competitive advantage over those who do not participate.

Metrics Include:

Activity by Channel

Email Stats

Channel Coverage

Web Traffic

Consent Rates

Coverage Consistency

Activity by Type

There is also the ability to add in additional dimensions including; split by primary and secondary care, company size, key therapy areas or other pharmaceutical specific metrics identified.

Omnichannel Pharma Benchmarking Insights

The service has been designed by the industry, for the industry and with the industry. Founding member pharma companies of differing sizes have worked with CSL to ensure the metrics created are both valuable and practical.

Benchmarking against your peers means you can see:

How your pharma omnichannel marketing mix compares to others – am I engaging with my targets through the right channels?

What does "good" look like? – could I achieve higher consent rates?

Where should I proactively focus my efforts and resource? - can I make more informed decisions on where best to spend my time?

The service runs quarterly, with all data provided in an anonymised format (you can only identify yourself) through a suite of dashboards.

Regions Covered

Regions covered include the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

Omnichannel Insights

CSL’s Omnichannel Insights solution is a deep dive consultancy service, mining your omnichannel marketing pharma data to give you the answers you are looking for when it comes to omnichannel analytics.

These are just some of the questions we can answer with our Omnichannel Insights consultancy service.

Our expert consultants will work with you to leverage data from your CRM (whether it be Veeva, OCE or any other solution) alongside any other omni data you have (bespoke web portals, etc). We use advanced analytical methods to extract valuable trends and insights from your data.

Our focus is on delivering actionable intelligence, enabling you to take your omnichannel performance and ROI to the next level.

You have likely invested extensively in omnichannel marketing for pharma. It's now time to invest in evaluating and tracking the effectiveness of these channels in the industry.