Hospital Episodes Statistics

Using Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES) data to help identify opportunities for better healthcare in the NHS

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Real-World data generates insights into the health economy

Access to Hospital Episodes Statistics enables us to spot opportunities to improve healthcare in the UK that is not possible with sample-based studies. Hospital episodes statistics is a dataset containing details of all admissions, outpatient appointments and critical care stays at NHS hospitals in England. Strict disclosure protocol means that patient confidentiality is maintained, allaying security fears while enabling analysts to monitor trends at an aggregated level in NHS hospitals.

CSL’s software Esprit³ is used by the NHS and NHS suppliers to analyse hospital episodes statistics. It is used ethically and responsibly with the ultimate aim of improving patient outcomes and delivering benefits back to the health and social care system in the UK.

Can the use of data save the NHS?

The NHS is facing a massive challenge as it attempts to meet the healthcare needs of an aging population at a time of significant budgetary constraints. It needs to become more efficient through evidence-based decision-making and sharing best practice. Hospital episodes statistics is the key to driving and measuring these efficiency gains; specifically, using that data to generate insights into each local health economy.

We provide class-leading analytics services to NHS suppliers, enabling them to use hospital episodes statistics to engage with the NHS and help meet today’s challenges.

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