Veeva CRM Visualisation

Global BioPharma Company – Veeva CRM Visualisation


CSL was appointed to help our client visualise their Veeva CRM data in order to understand how they were performing against strategy. As experts in Power BI Software, we were tasked with designing CRM activity reporting dashboards.

We worked with their data to present CRM activity reporting in simple, easy to understand dashboards, which grew overtime as our client turned on Veeva modules.

What challenges did the client face?

Our client had Veeva data but no real reporting on it. We were given a blank canvas to advise on what particular reports would be most useful, adhering to industry’s standards.

We advised which metrics to measure against in order to best understand if sales reps were effectively hitting targets.

Veeva CRM Visualisation

What did we do to solve it?

We presented information that included an overview of all activities, together with performance against strategy within given timeframes, with the ability to present against moving annual totals.

Reports drilled into views by calls, customised to the client’s need for calls to be categorised by service area. This identified which products were the main areas of focus and how each territory was performing highlighting the outliers.

Time on territory presented sales reps’ activity by territory and time spent when not on territory, for example travelling, annual leave or off sick. Plus identified top, most visited institutions and when they were last seen, through interactive views.

Priority detail from the Veeva data also allowed the ability to identify which brand is being discussed first on a call and identify ‘priority by product’ for HCPs. Enabled understanding of brands that are trending overtime and which territories are promoting particular products. Again, all within a range of timeframes such as moving annual totals, year to date and everything updates.

What were the benefits for the client?

CSL provided customised solutions to meet our client’s needs; building in complex business rules to get the software to work at its limits, yet still providing easy to understand dashboards.

We removed the barrier for our client to visualise their data, with high degrees of flexibility, allowing them to cut the data how they wanted it, with the ability to slice data various ways on one page.

Based on our experience of working in Pharma, and the knowledge base we have built up over the years as to what is possible for industry specific needs, we are able to give clients as many ways as possible to view data.

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