Access Scheme Analysis

Top 10 UK Pharma – Homecare & Patient Access Scheme Analysis


Our client's Patient Access Scheme (PAS) has been running since 2010. This scheme, along with the additional services offered, has provided several benefits to the NHS. These benefits include, but are not limited to:
• Cost saving for the NHS through reduced drug price
• Reduction in hospital admissions (through greater compliance)
• Reduction in outpatient demand (through homecare nurse provision)

Our client needed to analyse the wealth of data available to understand the impact the PAS has had. This was then combined with some traditional market research of Payors and doctors to get a complete picture.

A primary outcome of this combined project was to present/publish details of the success of PAS at next year’s ISPOR conference. It was also anticipated that this project would generate a wealth of insights that could be used to aid future product launches and Patient Access Schemes.

What challenges did the client face?

Our client wanted to produce some marketing communications showing how much money the PAS scheme saved the NHS. The disparate nature of the data, along with complexities due to the national variations in the PAS scheme, meant that it was difficult to obtain the insights the client hoped to gain.

Homecare and patient access analysis scheme

What did we do to solve it?

The project took place over two phases: data processing and data analysis. A consolidation exercise took place to bring together the varying homecare files; cross referencing the patient register with the delivery files to ensure accuracy and confidence in the data. CSL also validated discounts being paid to make sure they were consistent and reasonable.

Our analysis went far further than the initial scope. CSL looked at the cost savings achieved (including indirect costs such as the administration burden of the PAS to the NHS), but also calculated patient persistence, the value of nurse visits, price per patient and the impact of the commercial agreement with a select number of accounts.

CSL then compared these metrics across, geography, time, diagnosis, device, age groups and homecare provider; creating a very detailed picture with many interesting conclusions.

What were the benefits for the client?

Our client was very pleased with the analysis, which more than provided the evidence they needed for their marketing communications campaign and have now asked CSL to look deeper into some of the findings. Some of these metrics will also filter down to in field dashboards.

In addition, as some accounts are better at persisting patients than others, our client will share intelligence on the highflyers to see if any best practice can help other less successful accounts.

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