Fast, effective big data analysis

My data doesn’t add up! A solution for complex counts

Digital information is becoming ever more abundant and complex, with insights increasingly buried deep within datasets. There has never been a greater need to analyse and present data in a fast, flexible and visual way.Our response is Esprit³.

Esprit³ is an advanced analytical engine developed exclusively by CSL experts, and founded on our three decades of experience creating big data analysis engines. Esprit³ enables our customers to analyse large data sets and/or complex data models in a flexible manner without having to re-organise the back-end data for each query.

Unlike much of the software on the market which is focused on adding basic sales data, Esprit³ de-duplicates data on the fly, enabling you to count results across multi-entity models. It also allows both logical and temporal filtering, to identify longitudinal relationships in the data. You can ask questions of longitudinal data that are difficult to ask in traditional tools, like ‘How many X happen after Y?’.

Esprit³ provides a single secure platform for analysts to query data and publish results to stakeholders within your business (and externally if required), allowing you to understand your data and share insights easily.Esprit³ enables you to:

Could Esprit³ work for you?

Our customers typically have large or complex datasets that require ad hoc querying by analysts.

Interested in finding out more about Esprit³? The best way to decide whether Esprit could add value to your data is to give us a call to pick our brains. We have no interest in selling the solution where conventional tools will suffice, and will give you an honest appraisal of whether there could be a mutual benefit in exploring a solution more thoroughly.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can talk through your specific data needs.