Mapping Smarter

What Mapping Smarter will mean for you

See your management structures geographically

MapMyTerritory shows how hieratical structures group up into management territory structures and will automatically build up the parent levels, showing if Regional Manager's assigned territories work as well as they could.

Give you points on a map that are useful!

The mapping enables you to visualise if a rep’s location isn’t going to be optimally travelable to their territory. As road networks are included, this also helps to understand Bricks shapes.

No more frustrating spreadsheets

MapMyTerritory presents your sales data as a visual representation that is easier to understand. It gives you the ability to make a map on demand and to be able to make changes on the fly. You can also look at 'what if' scenarios and the subsequent consequences. Any number of layers can be built up, allowing a pain free visualisation of your data.

Map My Territory Key Benefits

The ability to show both primary & secondary care data

As some Pharma companies have moved away from traditional postcode-based territory alignment and are building alignments directly on NHS organisations, we’ve enabled MapMyTerritory to plot by either traditional Bricks data or by individual building data points.

Have a visualisation you can share with your team

It is very quick and easy to present outputs. It is much more powerful to be able to see what your territory looks like on a map, than to trawl through a spreadsheet.If it is something you can map, it can be shown what it will look like!