Master Data Management

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The company’s data warehouse had been in place for several years and was providing data across the whole business. However, as people had moved roles over time, the quality of the data held within had slipped back, and the company no longer trusted the numbers they were running the business from.

What challenges did the client face?

Without the people and resources in place, the company was no longer able to profile their data. They knew there were quality issues, but they could not quantify these, leading to mistrust of numbers and gaps when making evidence-based decisions.

Pharma Master Data Management

What did we do to solve it?

CSL provided expert resource to the customer over a period of several months to help them move round the data quality circle. We identified the gaps in the data, agreed the levels of quality needed to regain trust in the numbers, and set up methods to report on the data quality.

Finally, we used our expertise and domain knowledge to help them on the journey to repair the key data through cleaning and matching processes.

What were the benefits for the client?

CSL’s consultancy fast-tracked the process required for the company to regain their trust in the numbers across the business. By the end of the process, the major gaps in the data had been closed, and the business regained its confidence in the data they were providing. CSL was able to resource this spike in required activity through the Pharma Expert service, enabling the business as usual tasks of maintaining the quality to be handled by internal resource going forward.

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