Power BI Update February 2024 – What new features has Microsoft given us

CSL, 26 February 2024

This month we’re highlighting Visual Calculations, as a new way of doing calculations has arrived. We’ve also focused on improvements to the new Dax Query Pane. Both of these features are in preview, along with a number of bug fixes and enhancements to visuals formatting.


Visual calculations (Preview)

It is now possible to create a visual specific calculation without the need to create a new measure. Calculations can be added directly on your visual using visual calculations, which are DAX calculations that are defined and executed directly on a visual. The calculations functions include running sum or moving average, amongst others.

This new feature makes it easy to do calculations that were previously very hard or even almost impossible to do. Below is a visual showing Sales Amount, Total Product Cost, Profit and Running Sum by Fiscal Year calculations:

Many existing DAX functions can be used in visual calculations.

On-object Interaction Updates

This month also brings a handful of quality improvements to the on-object interactions. Bug fixes include:

  • If working on a non-visual, such as a text box, button, image or shape the build pane now stays open, where it was previously closing automatically.
  • The build pane is now showing 6 icons across, where it was inadvertently showing 5.
  • The data flyout is now not extending beyond the window size, which was making the search box hard to use.

Enhancements are:

  • When choosing a field using the data flyout – you can now click anywhere on the name, not just the checkbox next to it to select the field.
  • If replacing a field in a visual that does not use an aggregation or date hierarchy (other dropdowns are disabled), the data dropdown is now auto opened to save an extra click.


DAX query view improvements (Preview)

A new Dax Query Pane has been added to the model enabling us to quickly query DAX formulas to retrieve valuable information about the Data in the model. This allows us a more sophisticated drill down into understanding the data behind the model.

An example would be Column Stats: this query will return for each column in the data, the min, max, median, count, distinct count. 

To Wrap Up

To Wrap Up The Power BI Update February 2024

That wraps up our summary on the key points of interest delivered with this month’s update. You can find the full summary here.  

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