When do we expect our HCP interactions to settle into the new norm?

By Lee Ronan, Commercial Director, CSL

July 2021

We recently gauged the industries thoughts on what HCP engagement would look like in the new norm. The result was a slightly mixed response, with just under two thirds expecting us to be mainly online with some Face 2 Face, and a third thinking we will be mainly Face 2 Face with some online. This view was backed up at a recent industry forum with both views being offered by attendees.

I think it’s clear that the current situation of 95%+ virtual will evolve. But when do we anticipate getting to this new normal? 

The results below show the response to this question, with over half (55%) feeling that it will be into early next year before we see a shift.  

Some feel it might be too premature to speculate, and there are a lot of unknowns at the moment!  

But it is interesting to gauge when the shift might happen, and what the shape and size of the new normal will look like.  Will it come down to the preference of the single physician? Or a mix of Trust policies? 

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