CSL staff complete BHBIA’s new legal and ethical certification for Data Analysts in the healthcare sector

01 December 2020

We achieved a full house with all CSL’s Data Analysts attaining accreditation for the BHBIA’s new legal and ethical certification for Data Analysts.

Data Analysts can now take a specially tailored legal and ethics training programme and achieve annual competency certification, bringing analytics in line with market research.

This new training with a competency certificate at the end is designed to ‘give analytics teeth’. The training is for analysts who work in business intelligence in Healthcare.

The test requires 100% to pass and we are very pleased that our all our analysts have achieved this new accreditation. 

CSL is an active member of the BHBIA, with our Managing Director, Matt Beckett, chairing the BHBIA’s Ethics and Compliance Committee and our Commercial Director, Lee Ronan, being a member of BHBIA’s Best of Business Intelligence (BOBI) committee; having previously served on the BHBIA board.


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