CSL trials a nine-day fortnight

Matt Beckett, Managing Director, CSL. September 2022

Following a summer of preparation, we are excited to announce that CSL will be trialling a nine-day-fortnight from this September.  

We are lucky to have a talented and loyal team, who have worked hard over the past five years to learn new skills and help us transform the business to meet the ever-changing needs of the healthcare BI sector.

The recent loss of our MD’s friend and industry pioneer, John Aitchison (First Line Research), before his time, was a reminder that ultimately time is uniquely precious. 

As CSL continues to make progress towards our company goals, the leadership team has been keen to share in the proceeds of that success with the whole team and the nine-day fortnight trial is being run in John’s memory to that end.

We are convinced that the best way to deliver and maintain excellent customer service is to have happy, well-motivated staff.  Being in the vanguard of this inevitable movement towards better work-life balance is in the interests of the staff, our customers and the business. 

Our concerted aim is to provide the same high-quality service our clients expect of CSL, and to compensate for the reduction in staff hours with initiatives to improve productivity, augment the team, and change to the way we work (e.g. fewer, shorter internal meetings, focused development time etc.). 

We have split the company into two cohorts, who will take it turns to have alternative Fridays off as an additional weekend day.  We have selected the cohorts carefully to ensure we have all bases covered on these days.  No doubt we will make some changes and improvements as we learn from the early days of the trial, but the team is well motivated to ensure it is a success. 

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us and help us fine tune our evolution to this new way of working so that it works for you as well as the team here.

Tel: 01483 582302 info@csl-uk.com  


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