CSL’s practical proposals to help staff make better environmental choices

November 2021

CSL is providing real and practical incentives to staff to help them implement environmentally friendly choices in their lives outside of work. As a business, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to do something on the ground and not just pay lip service to addressing the huge challenge we all face over climate change.


However small, we feel that collectively we will have a greater impact; so, as well as the business making considered environmental choices, why not help our staff to do the same – that way we can get 20 odd people making changes as well as one business entity!

The steps we are taking include:

Making electric cars more affordable for all employees

It’s a bit like the Cycle to Work scheme, but for electric cars. You can drive a brand-new electric car using part of your gross salary – making savings on income tax and national insurance. You will pay some company car tax (Benefit in Kind) but the rates for electric cars are extremely low until 2025. This is run through Octopus Electric Vehicles. It’s free for an employer to set up and easy to run. So, if your employer doesn’t already know about it, maybe you should tell them!

Home Improvement Loan

CSL is offering all staff a home improvement loan. This is for an improvement that can be reasonably considered to be primarily for the purpose of improving the environmental efficiency of our staff’s homes, such as the installation of solar panels, heat pumps, more efficient glazing, improved insulation etc. CSL will write the loan off for staff over three years.

Environmental Expenses Scheme

Recognising that making better environmental choices can sometimes be more expensive, CSL is giving everyone in the team an allowance against which we can “expense” certain goods and services from an approved list of suppliers. The scheme will cover partners and children too.

We will continue to think of other ways to make better environmental choices and we hope that by sharing this we can help build momentum for other likeminded businesses to consider doing the same.  Please do share your ideas with us! 01483 528302 info@csl-uk.com 


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