Sales Force Effectiveness Review

Global Pharma Company – Multi Country Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) Review


Our client wanted an in depth Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) analysis for several of their key European countries. They needed to understand how their salesforces were currently performing, whilst also seeking suggestions on how they could be better optimised.

What challenges did the client face?

The challenge our client faced was that with many different datasets across several different nations, it was extremely difficult to get a picture on how each sales force was performing. There was no holistic overview for each individual European nation’s sales force, which meant that it was hard to identify where improvements could be made.

Tableau Tracking

What did we do to solve it?

CSL collated, cleaned, and analysed a plethora of datasets for each nation that included sales, targets, and activity. We investigated a range of activity KPI’s which encompassed frequency, coverage and total calls in order to assess how the teams were currently performing.

Combining this with the sales and market data gave us a good picture of where activity was and was not working and what could be done to optimise sales.

What were the benefits for the client?

We helped the client to visualise what their data was saying. The outcome was a good picture of how their sales teams were performing and, in some cases, resulted in them changing the focus of these teams to different regions or targets.

We highlighted where there were gaps in their current data and suggested how these could be improved upon for better reporting in the future. We also highlighted issues with segmentation and targeting and what could be done to improve it to encourage a better focus for their sales teams. The result was a more effective sales force structuring across their European divisions.

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