Neurology Territory Analysis

Top 5 UK Pharma – Neurology Territory Analysis


Our client had suffered from several headcount changes in one geographic area of their business, leading to a gap in their knowledge and the need for some external advice.

What challenges did the client face?

Having a relatively new team in place the client wasn’t sure how best to utilise their field resource for maximum gain. CSL was tasked with giving the new team a steer on where best to focus their efforts.

Neurology Territory Sales Force Structure

What did we do to solve it?

CSL collated and analysed all the relevant datasets including retail sales, hospital sales & CRM data. We delved into the data to understand historical performance, looking for answers to questions such as “What went well historically”, “What could be improved” and “What was different to other geographies”.

At the end of the analysis a suite of graphical PowerPoint slides was produced, which we walked the client through.

What were the benefits for the client?

The client was provided with superb insights, implementing all the recommendations made. This allowed the new team to make focused and informed sales efforts, leading to market share growth in the region of 8%.

The client was so pleased with the outcome that they commissioned two further projects for similar analysis in other territories, including one from a separate business unit within the client. There was also great feedback from both the new team and their manager.

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