New study provides insight into the pharma industry’s reputation in the UK

July 2022

New research from the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) and Ipsos MORI reveals attitudes to the pharmaceutical industry in the UK, including perceptions of healthcare professionals (HCPs), the public and members of parliament.

Findings from the ‘Pharmaceutical Industry Reputation Index’ come from 18 months’ worth of work as part of ABPI’s new reputation insight programme. 
Many assumptions are made about the reputation of the pharmaceutical industry. This report shows how the sector is seen from the outside – and the opportunities and challenges this brings.

Although general sentiments about the pharma industry have improved, the research found this has not been reflected into a deeper understanding of the sector and the role of companies in health in ‘normal times’.

Click on the link for access to the full findings, available via ABPI’s microsite.


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