Pharma end of year budget 2022

Get value out of your remaining end of year spend

CSL offers a number of options for where to invest it; from getting datasets or Omnichannel comparison data through to buying consultancy days to use as and when you need them.   

You can mix & match from the options below or contact us to discuss more specific requirements at or call 01483 528302.

Get effective insights from datasets, understand your target market better or take this opportunity to improve the quality of your data.

*Hospital RX Data
Analysis of hospital usage data, by Trust for all products used. 

Target HCP Manager 
Smarter management of your target HCPs.

Targeting & Segmentation
Get sales teams in front of the right customers, at the right time. 

Data Matching/Cleansing Review
Don’t let the quality of your data hold you back.

A Power BI / Tableau / Qlik Dashboard or two
Ensure BI informs better decision making by creating insightful pharma dashboards. 

* Omnichannel Benchmarking Insights 
Understand how effective you Omnichannel Marketing is compared to your competitors.

Or finish the year with one or more of the following

* Territory Alignment Review
Establish effective sales territories for your brands. 

* Homecare Persistence Analysis 
Track usage, improve persistence & prevent wastage.

* Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) Data
Understand patient journeys and identify opportunities for better healthcare. 

We’re here to help!  To discuss requirements for your markets, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Call us on 01483528302 or email Alternatively you can book an online meeting or complete an enquiry form at 


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