Power BI Update March 2024 – What new features has Microsoft given us

CSL, 31 March 2024

This month we’re highlighting the newly added feature where you can create and edit visual calculations after a report has been published, On-Object formatting is now available for gauge visuals and Copilot has been added to Dax Query view.


Visual calculations (Preview)

You can now add a visual calculation by selecting New calculation from the context menu on a visual after you publish a report to the service.

In addition, if a published report has visual calculations in it, you can access the visual calculations edit mode by selecting a visual calculation and choosing Edit calculation.

On-Object Interaction Updates

This month, Microsoft streamlined the build pane and moved the visual suggestions feature to be inside the on-object build button only. If you are unsure about building a visual, use the on-object “suggest a visual”, as shown below.

Gauge Visual

On-Object formatting is now available for gauge visuals. The gauge visual now supports the new on-object formatting sub selections. Simply double click on your gauge visual to enter format mode, then right-click on which part of the visual you’d like to format using the mini-toolbar.

Pane Switcher has been renamed Pane manager. The order of the pane listings has been updated as well as the settings that pertain to the Pane manager being added directly in this menu, as shown opposite.


Write DAX queries in DAX query view with Copilot (Preview)

The main use case for this is to help developers come up with a Dax script to run in Dax query. This will definitely speed things up but also helps users explore and analyse the data in the model without the need to create visuals.

Enable the feature in the Preview section of File > Options and settings > Options, click on DAX query view, and launch the in-line Copilot by clicking the Copilot button in the ribbon or using the shortcut CTRL+I.

Examples below show how users can generate DAX queries from natural language, get explanations of DAX queries and functions, or get help on specific DAX topics.

A more detailed deep dive into DAX query view with Copilot can be found here: Deep dive into DAX query view with Copilot | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI

To Wrap Up

To Wrap Up The Power BI Update March 2024

That wraps up our summary on the key points of interest delivered with this month’s update. You can find the full summary here.  

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