Power BI – What new features has Microsoft given us in Feb 2023

Power BI Update

By Luke Sisley, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, CSL

Welcome to our summary of the February 2023 feature update. 

This month, the Power BI team has given us some eagerly anticipated new features. We will give you a quick rundown of the few that have interested us the most, but you can also find the full summary here


Conditional formatting based on string fields

First up is the reporting section, where the Power BI team have granted us a much-anticipated feature – conditional formatting based on string fields. Accessed via the formatting pane, users can click on the Fx button, select Rules, and then base their rules on a string field in their data using a summarisation. 

A variety of comparator options have been added to the conditional formatting dialog, including “is”, “starts with”, “ends with” and more. Keep in mind that these comparisons will check fields against user inputs for exact character matches, including case-sensitivity.

This function is sure to have a big impact on the way we present our data, allowing our developers to use formatting to make different elements stand out more clearly.

Example below shows simple rule added to check that the value of the string is Audio, and if it is, we color the column red.

Customise visible pages in the Page Navigator visual

The second feature that has us excited this month is the ability to customise the Page Navigator visual. Previously, developers had to spend time doing workarounds to get custom page navigation. With this new feature, developers can easily select which pages should show in the navigation pane, saving time and effort.

If you want to exclude specific pages, all you need to do is expand the Show card in the Pages section of the formatting pane. Here you’ll see the list of pages that are not already hidden through the “Show hidden pages” or “Show tooltip pages” options. All you need to do to hide specific pages is turn the toggle for that page to Off.


New DAX functions: LINEST and LINESTX

Moving onto the modelling section, we see two new DAX functions: LINEST and LINESTX. These new statistical functions enhance the Power BI’s capacity for predictive analytics by making it easy to perform linear regression on your data. Both functions output a table that provides you with the slope, intercept, standard error and coefficient of determination of your data set, which can be used to predict unknown Y values based on known data. 

To Wrap It Up

Thanks for taking the time to read our quick summary. 

The full feature summary for February can be found here.

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