Power BI – What new features has Microsoft given us in June 2020

By Scott Bryson, BI Developer, CSL

Power BI Update

Features moved from Preview

As with last month we have seen a number of the preview features moved to being widely available this month. These are:
•    Modern ribbon is now generally available
•    Hierarchical slicer is now generally available (with some added features detailed below)
•    Automatic page refresh is now generally available
•    AI insights are now generally available

Here are the highlights

Just remember to enable any preview features in Power BI desktop settings! 

Hierarchical Slicer now available

With the introduction of hierarchical from preview to available we have seen some new additions to go along with it:
•    New options for expand/collapse icons
•    Icons now scale with font size
•    Ability to customize indentation for child items
•    Supported with AI visuals

New options for expand/collapse icons

When launched in preview only one option for the expand and collapse icons was available which were chevrons:

Along with the chevrons there are now 2 additional options:

These can be found by navigating to the Format pane > Items > Expand collapse items

Icons now scale with font size

This one is on all slicers and not just the new hierarchical slicers. The icons will now be scaled based on the selected text size as opposite.

Ability to customize indentation for child items

The option is also available to customise the size of the indent on the new hierarchical slicer.

To find this setting, select your hierarchical slicer and navigate to the Format pane > Items > Stepped layout indentation.

Supported with AI visuals

Another addition is that the hierarchical slicer is now supported with AI visuals.
Here’s an example where you can see that the hierarchical slicer is cross-filtering the Key Influencers Visual:


Line chart dot formatting options

Line charts can now be formatted to show different coloured points for categories across your series as per the below example:

To turn this on, go to the Data Colours tab in the formatting pane. In it, you should see all the categories in a series. There you can change the colour that you want the dot to appear for each category.

Third Party Visualizations

•    Line chart dot formatting options
•    Radar chart by MAQ Software
•    ValQ for Modern Visual Planning
•    Advanced Trellis by xViz
•    Updates to Gantt chart by xViz
•    Updates to Cards with States by OKViz

New connector(s)

1 New connector is available 

•    Palantir Foundry Connector

To Wrap It Up

For a full list, including any feature I did not touch on, here’s the official announcement:


If you would like any more information on these features or Power BI reporting, please get in touch with us to see if we have something to suit your needs. 
Call us on 01483 528302 or email info@csl-uk.com.


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