Using HES Data for the Benefit of Health and Social Care Systems

By Lee Ronan, Commercial Director, CSL

•    Are you keen to utilise Hospital Episode Statistics (HES data) for the benefit of the health and social care system?
•    Do you want to engage with your customers using their data?
•    Do you have frustrations with your existing HES tool?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then please read on.  

We believe HES data have immense value to the NHS, patients and healthcare companies.  There are several tools on the market that enable you to access HES data. Feedback from clients is that our Esprit tool substantially outperforms these in terms of speed and flexibility.  Put simply you can ask questions and get answers in our tool that you can’t in others.  Our NHS customers have also given us positive feedback: 

“The excellent analysis that you completed for us earlier in the year was a great help to us in designing the new DAIRS service and shaping our thoughts on how we can monitor its effectiveness.” – Project Manager, Southern CCG

“Many thanks for this – we do recognise the worsening position that you identify. We have used your analysis, along with public health data and audits carried out by BCIS, to work with the trust on an improvement plan” – Director of Service Delivery, South West CCG

CSL has a lot of experience with industry specific data and we’re aware of the issues with regards to using these data.  Some of the key ways of utilising HES are:

HES Data real word

In addition to our Esprit tool we have an experienced team of consultants happy to assist you with any queries and questions related to HES data and other health data. Contact me at if you would like to discuss further. 

Important Information HES Data

Data are managed and masked in line with all NHS Digital guidelines ensuring you only see the data you are allowed.  CSL use non-sensitive and pseudonymous HES data with a focus on data security.HES data can only be used by Healthcare companies, NHS Trusts, CCGs and CSUs for the purposes permitted to CSL by NHS Digital.

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