Our Annual Client Survey Results Are In!

Every year in January, we conducted our annual client survey, to review how we have done the previous year. The feedback this time round has been fantastic! Our client’s valuable insights have provided us with essential data to enhance our services.

Key Statistics and Insights:

  • Response Rate: We received feedback from 55 clients; representing the diversity of clients we work with.

  • Net Promoter Score(NPS). We have scored 76 on our NPS. We are incredibly proud of such a high NPS score, consistently scoring in the high 70’s for the past 3 years.

  • Client Satisfaction: An impressive 96.4% of respondents felt our services fit extremely well or very well.

  • Areas of Excellence: Our team excelled in collaboration, responsiveness, and problem-solving.

  • Room for Improvement: We’re committed to addressing areas where we can enhance our services further.

Report Summary

Click opposite infographic, where we’ve delved deeper into the survey results. Our client’s feedback matters, and we’re dedicated to using it to shape our future strategies.

What you value most


  • Responsiveness & personal care shown to each client
  • Recommendations & guidance offered, high levels of expertise & subject area knowledge
  • Quality of team & dedication of individuals, nothing is ever too much trouble


  • Excellent understanding & handling of data
  • Extremely thorough & always thinking one step ahead
  • High levels of attention to detail in both data analysis & insights, especially given the volume and nature of the raw data


  • High collaboration, listening to new ideas & putting forward best practice experiences
  • Shared goals, never an issue of competing workloads
  • High levels of flexibility & a genuine interest in exploring the best solutions

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help further with any BI projects;
info@csl-uk.com or call us on 01483 528302.

Thank you to all our clients and the CSL team for being an integral part of our success.


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